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Shojiro Ishibashi

创始人Shojiro Ishibashi

在美高梅网站, 美高梅网站的梦想是成为一家真正的全球化企业,将美高梅网站品牌打造成无可争议的世界第一品牌. 1 brand in both name and substance. Across the globe, our entire team is focused on achieving this goal.

The roots of our dream date back to the establishment of 美高梅网站 Tire Co.有限公司. in 1931. 预测未来乘用车美高梅网站的潜力和业务的国际化发展, 公司创始人Shojiro Ishibashi使用了他的英文姓氏作为公司的名字. Even then he may indeed have been dreaming of the future of the 美高梅网站 Group.

As Japan’s automobile industry grew, The 美高梅网站 Group expanded its business to become Japan’s largest tire manufacturer. The company also actively expanded overseas, particularly in Asia. In 1988, the company acquired The 费尔斯通 Tire & Rubber Company, a well respected global corporation with a venerable history of its own. 这使美高梅网站成为世界上最大的美高梅网站和橡胶公司之一,并创建了一个全球团队,致力于为全球客户提供最高水平的质量服务, 服务和技术.

美高梅网站希望通过对美高梅网站公司的介绍,能让您更深入地了解美高梅网站集团的实力, as well as our future direction.

Harvey 费尔斯通 Thomas Edison Henry Ford

一生的朋友,哈维. 费尔斯通 (right), founder of The 费尔斯通 Tire & Rubber Company, Thomas Edison (center), and Henry Ford (left)


“凡士顿男孩”自豪地展示了1925年印第安纳波利斯500年车展上首次出现的蘸了口香糖的新型气球美高梅网站. 费尔斯通 brand remains the exclusive tire of the 印度napolis 500 and the IndyCar Series.

当我十七岁的时候, Shojiro Ishibashi took over his family clothing business in Kurume, 1906年在福冈县. Shojiro雄心勃勃的梦想是将自己的一生奉献给日本,超越他的家族事业. 他的成就令人印象深刻:包括:专门生产日本传统袜子, reform of the apprentice system, use of a standardized pricing system, creation of Jika-tabi (socks with rubber soles used as work shoes), development of the rubber shoe business and overseas production. Using the capital accumulated from Jika-tabi and the rubber shoe business, Shojiro决定做美高梅网站, which was an industry that didn’t exist in Japan at that time. He believed in the future of motorized transportation in Japan, and he was adamant about producing tires domestically.

美高梅网站希望通过对美高梅网站公司的介绍,能让您更深入地了解美高梅网站集团的实力, as well as our future direction.

The very first 美高梅网站 tire was produced on April 9th, 1930, by the Japan “Tabi” socks Tire Division.

Approximately one year after first tire was built, 3月1日, 1931, 创始人, Shojiro Ishibashi, 使日本“Tabi”袜子美高梅网站事业部独立,成立美高梅网站美高梅网站公司.有限公司. in the city of Kurume, Fukuoka Prefecture.

美高梅网站美高梅网站公司.有限公司. focused on manufacturing tires based solely on Japanese technology. 在早期, the company experienced many challenges in the areas of technology, 生产和销售. 公司质量迅速提高,业务迅速拓展到国内外.

Wartime regulations were in effect throughout Japan, which resulted in nearly all of the company’s output being used to satisfy military demand. Although 1945 saw the end of armed conflict, 该公司受到了战争的直接影响,并面临着重建业务运营的挑战.

The 美高梅网站 东京 Headquarters building was destroyed during an aerial bombing raid, and all of its overseas assets were lost. 幸运的是, the plants in Kurume and Yokohama escaped unscathed, and the company was able to restart production immediately after the war ended. 该公司克服了许多障碍,最终在战争中成为一个更强大的组织.

In 1951, 美高梅网站 was the first company in Japan to begin selling rayon cord tires, and a five-year project to modernize production facilities was started. This year also saw another 美高梅网站 building opened in Kyobashi, 东京, which contained the 美高梅网站 Museum. Sales surpassed ten billion yen in 1953, placing 美高梅网站 at the top of tire industry in Japan, 1956年在库鲁姆举行了公司成立25周年的庆祝活动. 美高梅网站 began selling nylon tires in 1959. To better meet the needs of an expanding automotive market, a newly constructed 东京 plant, 1960年开业.

In 1961, 美高梅网站在证券交易所上市,采用了新的管理结构,董事长是石桥Shojiro Ishibashi, and Kanichiro Ishibashi as the president. As part of the management transition, the company adopted the Deming Plan, which involves overall quality control activities. 1968年,美高梅网站因卓越的质量管理赢得了享有盛誉的戴明奖.

Additions were built onto the 东京 plant in 1962 to house the new Technical Center, and a progressive system of research and development was established. 在产品方面,1967年公司销售了第一款乘用车子午线美高梅网站RD-10. Our first overseas plant since the end of the war was opened in Singapore in 1965, and production was also commenced in Thailand in 1969. 为美高梅网站, 60年代是一个海外扩张的时代,包括在1967年成立美国美高梅网站美高梅网站公司(美高梅网站 Tire Company of America),作为该公司的美国子公司.S. 销售总部.

The oil shock of the early ‘70’s brought about economic stagnation in Japan. 尽管有这些挑战, 在此期间,美高梅网站更加重视建立自己的子午线美高梅网站制造技术,并在日本建立新的美高梅网站工厂.

Its Super Filler Radial was placed on the market in 1978, and in 1979 the company released the high-performance POTENZA radial tire.

The company actively continued to expand overseas. In addition to beginning production in Indonesia and Iran in 1976, the company invested in a Taiwanese tire manufacturer and purchased a tire plant. 1980年,美高梅网站在澳大利亚收购了一家生产美高梅网站和多种产品的工厂.

During this period of exciting growth and expansion, 美高梅网站公司(美高梅网站)家族还必须应对其深受爱戴的创始人石桥昭二郎(Shojiro Ishibashi)于9月11日去世的噩耗, 1976.

On March 1, 1981, 美高梅网站 celebrated its 50th anniversary. 同时, 该公司着眼于加强国内基础,同时继续其海外扩张战略,目标是成为世界三大橡胶产品制造商之一. 作为这一战略的一部分,美高梅网站从费尔斯通美高梅网站公司购买了田纳西州的一家美高梅网站工厂 & Rubber Company, which became the company’s first manufacturing plant in North America. 美高梅网站 began production of truck and bus radial tires at the plant in 1983. In May 1988, 美高梅网站 acquired The 费尔斯通 Tire & 该公司将美高梅网站公司转变为世界上最大的美高梅网站和橡胶公司之一. 凡士通的收购, gave 美高梅网站 a large number of production sites in North America, 中南美洲, 欧洲, 和其他地方. 美高梅网站 also began operations in Turkey under a joint management agreement in 1988. To enhance the company’s corporate identity, 美高梅网站 Tire Co.有限公司. was renamed to 美高梅网站 Corporation in 1984.

该公司与凡士通的成功整合使其在1992年获得了丰厚的利润,并在纳什维尔为美高梅网站建立了新的欧洲总部和美洲总部, 田纳西州. 提升公司的品牌知名度,发扬凡士通赛车运动的优良传统, in 1995, 美高梅网站在印第安纳波利斯500赛车和印地赛车中重新加入了费尔斯通品牌,印地赛车是美国最受欢迎的赛车运动之一. 美高梅网站品牌于1997年进入一级方程式赛车,这是世界上最流行和技术最先进的赛车形式. New production facilities were also established in Thailand, 印度, 波兰, 中国, 随着公司继续在全球范围内拓展业务,美国和其他国家的市场份额也在不断增加. In 2000, 化学和工业产品技术中心建立在横滨工厂内,作为公司发展多样化产品业务的技术和创新中心.

In 2001, 美高梅网站全球家族企业采用了一种新的企业理念,专注于建立“信任”. And Pride” with the company’s key stakeholders including its employees, its customers and with its neighbors in the communities it calls home. 2007年,美高梅网站公司收购了总部位于美国的美高梅网站翻新公司Bandag, Incorporated. 这使得美高梅网站能够为全球卡车和巴士美高梅网站客户提供领先的技术和全美高梅网站解决方案,无论是新美高梅网站还是翻新产品和服务. 美高梅网站致力于成为世界美高梅网站技术的领导者,开发世界上最先进的美高梅网站和橡胶产品,并始终提供世界一流的客户服务. 美高梅网站有“追求卓越的激情”,可以用创始人石桥Shojiro Ishibashi的话来概括, who said 美高梅网站 is dedicated worldwide to “serve society with superior quality”